Spring + New Life: Beautiful Baby Bellies Abound

April 18, 2013

Ah spring. Us seasoned mothers everywhere are thankful for your long overdue appearance and we crowd the playgrounds with our miniature selves! Simultaneously, from underneath puffy coats and layered clothing, appear baby bumps that no one would have even known were there! What a pleasant surprise to suddenly see beautiful baby bellies budding around the playgrounds, expecting mothers – new and experienced – out for walks with their girlfriends, stretching their legs out, soaking in the vitamin D we’ve all been craving since the 3pm sunsets of late November. Spring is such a gift after this long winter!

If you’re expecting for the first time, the third, or – bless your heart – even more, you deserve to have this experience documented. You work hard to create the little things: lungs, a heart, eyes, a brain! (please note my sarcasm!). You plow through the day, caring for your other children, your husband, your job, and then maybe you take a tub…once a trimester! That stunning belly has earned a portrait session. It may be your only pregnancy, your second, your whatever your plan is – so no regrets momma. Call me and we’ll create beautiful images of this incredible time in your life (even if you don’t feel incredible).

I recently had the honor to document these two expectant mothers – who also, it turns out, happen to know each other! So cool. Stephanie and Momma L are due just days apart, both carrying their first little ones with pride and joy, their husbands each look at their wives in awe…

Stephanie’s beautiful necklace is from Helene M. in Portsmouth, NH. Athleta dress, and the red boots she also wore on her wedding day – to this same exact beach!

And my very favorite shot from the day…(I’m secretly hoping this one goes BIG on a wall in their newly built home that, FYI, Pat has built with his hands. Check out his work Patrick Driscoll Residential Remodeling).


Thank you Stephanie & Pat, L & J! I literally can’t wait to meet your little bundles! I can already envision the joy. Oh yeah, and I learned a new term for extreme hunger that turns to anger: HANGER. Thank you L and J for sharing this with me – it still makes me laugh and I’m totally going to use it. I hope you were able to make it out to dinner before the HANGER set in.

If you know someone who is expecting or just had their little one, share the joy and send them my info! T.


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