Everett Lena turns ONE!

June 9, 2020

Last year I had the honor of photographing Everett’s beautiful entry into the world, birthed at home with her dada, grandmother and two midwives (see her birth story HERE!). Fast forward to December and her mama, Amanda reached out to ask about booking a Mini Milestone session for her one year old birthday in May, and I was ecstatic! Getting to see little ones grow from birth to one year is so incredible – they learn so much in those first twelve months. Everett loves Mo Willems books and looking at photos of her family, and even of her own birth (how awesome is that?!) To see her walking and doing baby talk, smiling and giggling at her mom and dad, and those sweet and tender in between moments when she felt a little tired and needed a snuggle and to nurse – it all is so beautiful. Seeing how Amanda and Charlie have grown with Everett into smart, intuitive parents is magical; they know what she wants, they know how she feels, they respond so thoughtfully to her in every way and I can tell by the way they move and interact as a family that everyone is so full of love! And I get to document it! Thank you Amanda and Charlie for asking me to do this for you and for allowing me to share these precious images.

If you are interested in a Mini Milestone for your little one, reach out! They can be hone at home – inside and outside and are short, 45 minute sessions just long enough to capture all the sweetest moments of your little one!


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