Ashley + Al are Engaged!

December 6, 2017

I had so much fun running around Charlestown with Ashley & Al for their engagement session! We started out at The Ironsides, an awesome little pub in Charlestown, for a beer and then spent the next nearly two hours on foot going from place to place looking for all the best spots with the best light and the best views for their engagement photography. I got to explore a part of Boston that in my everyday life I would not get the chance to do – and, even though I was carrying all of my equipment including my light stands, I had SO MUCH FUN! (Hint, you can’t nail a great sunset shot without a little pop of light to expose your subjects’ faces – unless you are going for a silhouette!). The best part about engagement sessions is that it really allows me to connect with my couples in a real and genuine way, and it gives the future bride and groom a sense of how we interact when taking pictures so on the wedding day it feels natural, easy and fun (and seriously, having a beer or two beforehand can really help! Just saying!).

As we walked from spot to spot I shoot the entire time, getting all the in between candid moments, as well as helping them know how to stand together in a natural pose that they can recall on their wedding day. I make corny and inappropriate jokes that mostly I laugh at, but Al and Ashley could laugh at too – or at least humor me by laughing 🙂 I learned all about how they met at the Ironsides (which I did not know when I suggested we meet there!), and how they still argue about whether or not he has his hat on or not the night they met! I love learning about these little things! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves – they are a wonderful, sweet couple! (Ashley & Al were married at Birchwood Vineyards on August 5, 2017! Check out their wedding day blog post HERE).



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