Harlan is 4! Four years of milestones with the Card Family

April 26, 2020

April 26th will always have a special place in my heart – it marks the very first time I photographed a birth and my life as a photographer and as a human changed forever! This kiddo and the Card family are now part of my life forever – poor kid will probably always wonder why I look at him with big eyes and my heart full like some weirdo! It’s a big deal to photograph someone else’s birth, but especially the first first one (HERE is a blog post of that day) And why should Harlan’s fourth birthday be so remarkable? Well, three days ago I photographed the whole family on their front porch for the Front Steps Project that I have been doing during stay at home orders of the COVID-10 pandemic, and this year this little guy is celebrating his birthday at home: no big family pool party, no friends coming over, no going out to restaurants. Instead his birthday highlight was a long line of cars holding all the family and friends who love him, holding birthday banners out their windows, playing music from their cars, throwing candy from their cars, yelling “I love you, Harlan!” and “Happy Birthday, buddy!” No hugs and kisses, no sharing cake and drinks, but loads of love all the same! I’m pretty sure he still had the time of his life, but as an adult it gets me chocked up to see such dramatic things happening in our daily lives. Kids are so resilient, but as adults we know it symbolizes something huge. Happy Birthday, Harlan, and here’s to normal birthday parties next year!!


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