Kaleigh & Jacob’s Portsmouth, NH Engagement Session

October 10, 2018

Who is up for a great love story? You must be if you’re here reading this! My favorite part of meeting my couples is hearing their love stories: when they met, how they met, first impressions etc. Kaleigh and Jacob are high school sweethearts and got engaged last February 2017 on the decks at Martingale Wharf in Portsmouth, NH…in the freezing cold! I suggested we start their engagement session down there with a cold drink – and yesterday was a perfect, warm October day to be out there! We talked about their plans so far for their July 2019 Loon Mountain & Mountain Club at Loon wedding, what or who we would be reincarnated as in our next lives, favorite drinks – you know, the important stuff! (for the record, Jacob would come back as an MMA fighter!! I love it!!). After catching up we just walked around Portsmouth – most of which they hadn’t gotten to see at their engagement because of the cold, so it was fun to play tour guide a little bit, while also walking around town. I only wished my husband were there and it would have been a killer double date – we had so much fun! I showed them the decks, the famous shark artwork – which I actually have only photographed once since it’s been there), then we walked toward market square and ended our session at the top of the parking garage – hence the second to last photo with the North Church steeple in the background! I even got some real smiles out of Jacob, although maybe a little of that was helped by the tequila shot at the start of our session, but I’ll pretend that it’s mostly because Kaleigh and I are hilarious people to be around! I cannot wait for their June 2019 wedding – it’s going to be a blast! Enjoy! XOXO



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