London Rae’s Birth Story

February 27, 2020

As a birth photographer I believe it is important to give the mother space after she gives birth to heal, to rest, to just be in her own birth story for awhile and let the memories of it ease into her. Personally, I am so eager to rush home and look at everything and show them and the world how incredible women are, how incredible birth is and how having it photographed is absolutely worth it! But I don’t. This experience is hers. It needs to be with her and baby, her and her spouse, her loved ones. The first year after we give birth is so full and fast, with wild growth of the baby, wild hormone changes for mama, wonderful memories (or at least the ones we can remember through the fog of being so tired!). So this post goes out to Colleen, who gave birth quietly and fiercely like a mare. Below is a description of the birth in her own words, and photos to celebrate this special day! And PS, her fabulous midwife was Morgain Gaines of Flourish Midwifery – if you need a midwife, you must reach out to her:

“February 28 was a day that would change my life as a mother forever. I woke up at 2 am to go to the bathroom to realize I had started having small contractions; I wasn’t ready to get to exited yet because London Rae had been teasing us for the last week. I went back to bed. A few hours later James got up to get ready for work and I realized they were still coming pretty steadily but I wasn’t ready to believe it was real just yet, so I sent James off to work after and hour I began to realize that she had decided she was ready to come! I texted Morgan and Tara letting them know that today was the day. London choose a grey, cold, snowy stormy day to come. Morgan arrived an hour later as I was getting my two older kids ready to head to their grandparents. She checked made sure London was doing okay while Tara snapped some photos and James arrived back home. It appeared London was going to be awhile so Tara and Morgan headed out. It was nice to be able to labor peacefully with out having people buzzing around the house. James am I took a trip to the store walked around bought some food came home ate lunch and around 3:00 decided it was time for Morgan and Tara to come back. A short 4 hours later London Rae made her entrance into the world. She was born en caul, when I had her in my arms she was so peaceful!”

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